Efficiency & Quality

● individual tuition with specialized mentors
● learn and teach in individual coaching / group lessons and with video courses
● efficient learning and teaching


Efficiency & Quality

● individual tuition with specialized mentors
● learn and teach in individual coaching / group lessons and with video courses
● efficient learning and teaching

slang.me is convinced that...

● that you learn a language faster when the Teacher knows the student’s native language. The student can then also ask questions in the native language, thus creating security and clarity in learning.
For this reason, our teachers specialize more closely, which benefits both the teacher and the student.

● That a combination of video courses and one-on-one coaching is a very effective learning option.

for students

Online language learning for everyone at any age!
● Learn a language with a teacher who can explain everything to you in your native language and translate it appropriately.
● With whom you get along well on a personal level and look forward to the lessons.
●who specializes in what you want to learn, making the lessons more efficient.

By combining video courses and one-on-one coaching, you get the opportunity to purchase low-cost learning content that you can use on a recurring basis at no extra cost, while enjoying high-quality, personalized one-on-one coaching.
By preparing through the video courses, the one-on-one coaching can be much more focused on active practice, allowing you to make faster progress.

for teachers

By combining the video courses and one-on-one instruction, the teacher is given the opportunity to package regularly recurring parts of the lesson into an automated product, saving you valuable time while building passive income.

Why teach at slang.me?

Your work is appreciated at slang.me, that’s why you earn at slang.me from the first lesson you teach, even trial lessons.

slang.me is always interested in improvement! To the teachers who teach on slang.me, we want to do the same!

Focus on what you enjoy – teaching! The rest is done for you by slang.me!

At slang.me you can sell your learning videos and learning materials and earn money even when you are not sitting in front of your computer.

No cost until you earn something!
10% of the price of your individual lesson or group course goes as commission to slang.me
15% of the price of a video course goes as commission to slang.me

*because we are in the initial phase, you can currently use our platform completely free of charge. We look forward to your feedback so we can improve quickly.

Why learn with slang.me?

Adaptive and high quality individual lessons. Everything as you need it. Learn at your own pace!

Community and exchange! Learning in a group has its magic!

A lot of input on a specific topic and maximum flexibility for you – that’s what video courses make possible!

Learn from your living room, your kitchen or on a beach, just as you like.

1, 10 or 20 Stundens! Book your Stundens flexibly! Use the price advantages of the Stunden packages that motivate you more at the same time!

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Vision of slang.me

Communication, as a fundamental means of understanding and exchange. It is an essential basis for peaceful coexistence, trade and cultural exchange of people all over the world.
Language is an essential part of communication.

has the vision to support people in learning languages and to help build bridges. At the same time, we are convinced that language is something living, which man as a social being is most
Best learns from and with other people. The social component is of particular importance and therefore sets
slang.me on people as teachers rather than machines.

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At the same time, we are open to modern ways of learning and actively incorporate them into our offerings.

We want to offer teachers and students the digital possibilities that make location and time independent teaching and learning a special experience. We create the connection between the media tools of our time and what makes us human: social bonds and empathy.
The quality of language teaching is our top priority.

slang.me aims to provide teachers with a work platform that allows them to focus on teaching while relieving them of administrative tasks.

The vision of slang.me is to create an internet platform that brings language teachers and students together.

The goal here is
-Finding the perfect match between the teacher and the student.
-reaching our highest potential as students and teachers.
-Becoming efficient and successful teachers and students.
We pursue these goals through several strategies.

Slang.me focuses first and foremost on the teacher – which at the same time ensures the quality of our services.
Slang.me allows our teachers to focus on their passion – teaching!
We care about our teachers being found in the digital world, we care about the administrative tasks.

Our vision is to reach our full potential.

Every craftsman knows:
For good work you need good tools.
Therefore it is our mission to give teachers the best tools for teaching and taking care of administrative tasks. By using our innovative tools which complete all the administrative tasks involved in teaching, our teachers can focus on what they do best, giving amazing lessons. This will allow our students to learn quickly and efficiently.

At the same time, we know that when people learn together, the chemistry must be right.

Therefore, another component of our mission is to help students find the best teacher for them and vice versa.

How does slang.me work for teachers

slang.me supports you to find the students you are looking for and additionally to start a way to build up a passive income with your teaching activity.
How does it work?
In 5 steps
1. you create a free account at slang.me!
2. you create a teacher profile.
3. you create products you offer
a) Individual lessons
b) Group courses
c) Video courses
4. slang.me works for you and supports you to be successful as a teacher!
5. if you don’t have any video courses yet, slang.me will help you produce your first video courses!

How does slang.me work for the students

slang.me helps you learn a language effectively in several ways.
How does it work?
There are 3 options
1. individual coaching
2. group course
3. video courses
You can choose the right method for you or combine them all.
What do you have to do for that?
1. create an account at slang.me for free.
2. choose the language you want to learn.
3. choose the perfect teacher and get started!

We are slang.me

Kati Krejcova, Product Owner
born in Pilsen (CZ), since 2012 in Chemnitz (DE)

Learning is life!
That is my attitude to life.
Even when I was a little girl, I always wanted to learn something new.
Language learning and sports (apparatus gymnastics) have played a major role from the very beginning.
I still live my two passions today and especially in the form of individual coaching, because it allows me to improve in a goal-oriented way.
How did the idea of a language learning platform come about?
In my everyday work – in the Czech language classes I give.
I have been asking myself how my students can take more out of class without me having more workload.
Then I thought to myself that my colleagues might be asking themselves a similar or even the same question.
So why not solve the problem for everyone?
I am convinced that if we specialize and do what we love, we can all live happier lives together and, above all, develop our greatest potential more quickly. I would like to contribute to this!

Ronny Meichsner, CEO
born in Karl-Marx-Stadt (today Chemnitz)

Your only limit is You!
Boundaries exist only in our minds.
This is especially true in our own lives. In this context, lifelong learning is a central element in constantly pushing these boundaries or even overcoming them.
In this sense, I am always curious, inquisitive, versatile and committed.
From being a building contractor, I then became a startup founder and now use the experience I have gained to support fresh ideas from others.